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Seconds can mean the difference between Life and Death

In emergency situations, fast response can be critical to victim recovery. Winter conditions along with broken ice and slushy open water multiply the effort required to reach the victim in a timely manner. Hypothermia can happen in minutes! Current manual methods are effective if the location of the victim is known and close to shore, but what if the location is unknown or several hundred yards or more off shore, beyond where tether systems can comfortably reach?

WISE Technology tackles this dilemma by producing an affordable amphibious vehicle specifically for this environment. The AIR (Amphibious Ice Rescue) Responder is designed to handle any ice conditions. With its unique patent pending hull along with its incredibly low center of gravity, the AIR Responder easily moves from one surface to another with safety and surety. It doesn’t matter whether the surface is ice, broken ice, slushy ice, snow or open water, the Responder handles it with confidence.

WISE Technology’s AIR Responder is the first of its kind, designed specifically for ice rescue. The low center-of-gravity along with the foam filled hull makes the Responder incredibly stable and essentially unsinkable. The flat deck of almost 35 square feet, the very low freeboard of mere inches along with the integrated edge rollers makes victim recovery simple and quick. With the AIR Responder one can safely reach, recover, and return a victim to shore before other systems are even deployed! The Responder is powered by an un-modified, well understood, easily controlled snowmobile. There is no mystery, no steep learning curve. It performs and handles the way your experience expects.


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